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August 21, 2006



Aah the good old days. This was fun to read-- Thanks for icluding the link in today's post.


Hopefully you have since discovered and enjoyed all the Chelsea Quinn Yarbro books?


Ooooh, I love it.
I sing my grandchildren to sleep with "Johnny Brubeck" who made a sausage machine (and all the dogs and cats disappear).
They love it!


I'm thinking I'm a pretty happy boy that it was usually my Mom or an older brother that read me bedtime stories.... hehehehe...

This is a great memory, though. Thanks!


I thought my Dad was a little unusual for teaching his three fresh-faced young children to sing Tom Lehrer's "Rickety Tickety Tin," the ballad of a little girl who very resourcefully murdered each member of her family. We would belt it out while he accompanied on the piano. But your Dad leaves my Dad in the dust in the "questionable material" category. Kinda cool really.


Christamighty, I'm glad my dad stuck to Dr. Seuss books. My imagination's fertile enough as it is without having that kind of stuff planted in it. As it was, I had ghostly guardians throughout my early childhood. Used to freak me out, even though they never hurt me.

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