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September 05, 2006



I watch the Food Channel frequently. I love the Barefool Contessa. I don't know why, but I just love what she makes and the way she invites people to take part in the event she is cooking for. I also find this fascinating because I don't cook. I hate my kitchen, so I really spend as little time in that room as I can. Oy...


I can sit and watch Food Network for hours on occasion, but not having cable and not getting TV reception means it's a rare occasion. I have to say that my absolute favorite is "Iron Chef" (the original, not the Bobby Flay US version), just for the spectacle of it all. Although, maybe if Bobby Flay dressed up like an 18th century fop....


I love watching cooking shows. LOL I thought I was the only crazy. Frugal Gourmet was/is one of my favs. I would buy his books, and watch his shows (which went with the books) and take extensive notes. Then cook like mad. I still make use his yogurt recipe on a heating pad, and many more of recipes are favs of mine. Wow you really brought back memories with Graham and Julie et al.

Danke Schon!

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