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October 31, 2006



I always wanted me some proper fangs like that. And speaking of Dark Shadows, I was flipping channels when we were at Rhinebeck and came across an episode - a later, color version. That Barnabas was so creepy pervy. I bet you'd have loved it.


Q: Do any of you have plans to mark this day in some appropriately Gothic fashion?
A: Yes, I went to work.
I had a Plymouth Duster, which was a Dodge Dart hiding under another name, and if you were expecting that to carry you off to safety, you were horribly marketed.

Dave Daniels

You could always play the gay Hallowe'en game" Dick or Treat.
Oh, did I really say that? MUST have been the goblins!


I love the story of the Vampiress! And your dad sounds like quite a character.


Wanted to drop you a line that I made that wondeful soup. Natch I couldn't find Kale so we used collard greens, I added a splash of 1/2 & 1/2. YUMMY!!!! It was such a hit hubby had four bowls LOL.

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