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October 17, 2006



UGH! i h8 her... gross canned food advocate!!!

Karen Herreid (your dad's friend)

I haven't seen her, but I'd probably hate her too. What do you think about Rachel Ray or Lynn Rosetto Kasper?


Jesus! I can't stand her either. Just yesterday, I was talking about how much she sickens me! That word "table-scape" kills me. No one will ever convince me that adding powdered soup mix to something makes it "just as good as homemade."


This was particularly fun after I read the following the other day:




Yeah, what Ted said....


oh dear....


I can't wait to use that one (the WORD that is.. not the actual idea).

I'd sooner stick pins in my eyes that hot-glue anything to a napkin holder.
Unless I was drunk at the time (which happens rarely btw) and it seemed momentarily hilarious.


C'mon Sean ! Don't hold back !

Tell us how you *really* feel about Sandra Lee.


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