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December 19, 2006



I felt quite guilty at my mother's funeral and afterwards. So many family members and friends, people who hadn't seen each other in years. There was laughter and good times amidst the tears. Maybe it was because of the way she passed and also she was too young, only 62. You'll do fine! Take care and travel safe.


I actually kind of like funerals - well as much as you can like a funeral. It's a chance to see all your family in one place... it's too bad it takes that kind of crazy event to bring all us 10,000 delvecchios together.

Pallbearer-dom isn't that bad - there should be some kind of lead usher that tells you where to go, where to stand, how to lift, and all that jazz.


I was a pallbearer at my Grandfather's funeral also. It's such a very uncomfortable, but expected part of the funeral. And really, you kinda can't say no when you're asked. You'll be fine. *hugs*

Thinking of you and your family. Safe travels.

CC Mary

Funerals are definately odd events. I recently went to my mother-in-law's funeral in Dublin and it was quite the party. The atmosphere was very upbeat; simply a time for everyone to get together and remember her fondly. With a band and a lot of drinking. Of course.

Remember your Grandpa fondly. I'm sure that's how he remembers you.

CC Mary

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