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December 01, 2006



Thanks, Seany!

Bob Tyler

Sean, nice memories. I sometimes wish times could be this simple again, but have no desire to go back to elementary school. :) What a great way to help bump me into the holiday spirit, thanks. Bob


Made me cry... we only got to spend one Christmas with you guys. We miss out on a lot being so far away, but your vivid memory recaps are wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Its a great picture. Erin looks a bit unhappy.


What an awesome post! Thank you for sharing the wonderful memories of baking cookies with Mom and sis. And the pic is great!

"Note, if you will, my delicately raised pinky finger. Nelly, even at age six." - Made me snort!


I remember my mother making seemingly hundreds of variations of Christmas cookies from old German recipes including some passed down from her mother. Even until she passed away in 2000 she was baking and sending shoeboxes of cookies to the four of us now spread out across the country. I wish I'd had the sense to ask for the recipes. Of course, I thought I had enough time.


Wow, that brings back powerful Christmas cookie decorating scenes at our house. It makes me realize that I'm probably doing my kids a disservice by not keeping that tradition going. Maybe we should get our act together this weekend. . .


I've had holiday cookies on the brain lately, too, though they were never particularly a big production when I was a kid. I've been thinking ginger snaps, ('cause I got molasses the other week), and then maybe some ginger shortbread ('cause they're Scottish and 'cause I love ginger).

CC Mary

You have reminded me of so many Christmas memories! My mother gave me Bing Crosby's White Christmas CD a couple of years ago. She was completely appalled that I had not yet "exposed my son to that wonderful voice." (I distinctly remember her switching to Minute Maid orange juice when Bing started doing their commercials) We rolled and played with cookie dough until it was tough, and ate the cookies anyway.
Oh, and you were very cute.

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