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December 22, 2006



Well, it was all quite a site to see, and Adam and I are glad we were able to make it. Unfortunately, we were stuck on the way home, because for some unknown reason, the Denver area has now been hit by 2 of the worst winter storms in forever, and Minnesota has none! What is up with that? But Grandpa would have been very glad we could all make it, and even more glad that we were able to move the cherry bohemouth, because it was amazingly heavy, even with 7 of us lifting! As horrible as it sounds, it was so good to see everyone again, and for Adam to get to meet you all. Maybe we can try to get all 6 (plus sig. others of course) of us together again for a not so sad occasion sometime. Think about it a little... we've hopefully got 50 years (if we got any of Grandpa in us... at least that!)


I'm sorry I missed it. I would have helped carry the four ton casket, as a fellow pall bearer. I feel horrible that I wasn't able to make it. Not only to say a final goodbye to grandpa but I missed time with all of you.
Some evil higher up in the University decided it would be a good idea to keep students in classes until the 22nd of December. How cruel is that?
But thank you for the pictures and the description of the events. It helped me a lot.

CC Mary

That snowman! My parents had Santa in a sleigh with two reindeer in front made out of that same ugly plastic stuff. My mother was really shocked when us kids told her we hated the thing after 10 years of carefully hanging it from our loft. I didn't know they still made those...
CC Mary


The dreaded "plastic cornflake" holiday decoration, eh? I swear that particular artistic medium makes everything looks sinister. Even day-old kittens would look evil represented in such a manner.

The funeral sounds not unlike my grandfather's a few years ago, except he had a military honor guard and pallbearers instead of papist frippery. One of his pallbearers damn near fell into the grave while moving the casket into place, which was exciting in a not-so-good sort of way. I say to hell with that, I'm being burned.

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