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December 12, 2006


Jessica Love

I always wonder why Hermey didn't have so called "pointy" ears like the other elves. I stare at Hermey wondering if he's even an elf. Unless the people that created the animated show to show kids that it's okay to be different. If you look and act different it's okay and to accept. That's understandable. On the cantary, is Hermey's a human? Obviously the others are elves even the boss elf is an elf. It reminding me of Will ferrel's movie 'Elf'. Was the cartoon help pave the way to create the ideal of the movie. It could be due to Sam the snowman portraying in the film. Did Will ferrel thought the same about Hermey? Thinking that Hermey may be adopted by the boss elf? I wonder things myself and I hope I find the answers one day, if not then I'm left with these unanswered question that will bug me to insanity.


Well, of course it was obvious to those of us in the know *wink, wink*. But dentistry? It's just such a straight profession. Maybe Hermey's a Log Cabiner?


I'm shocked, just shocked! But now that yo mention it. But dentistry?
Dermatology maybe; the winter wind is so drying.


Lol! That was so cute! I just watched that myself the other night. I love these old animated Christmas cartoons. That possibility concerning Hermey never occurred to me, though. But yeah, ol' Charlie could definitely be Charles Nelson Riley on helium!


I am utterly convinced by your argument. (But shhhh, don't tell Jerry Falwell!!)

CC Mary

Too, too funny. Next to the Grinch, Rudolph is my favorite.

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