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January 11, 2007



Hope your recovery is easy and painless. Or at least minimally painful.


I'm very glad that you are taking steps to better yourself. A friend of mine had lipo in November and since then he has been more aware of what he eats and makes more of an effort to go the gym.

Best of luck with your recovery!


I knew that! I knew that! Can I get ten points too, even though Jason beat me to it? The book is better than the movie, by the way.

Hope it all goes smoothly, and that convalescence is brief and easy.


The reference is that the best soap is made from human fat which our beloved woolgatherer is about to loose some of. Maybe you could make moisturizing cream?


Yeah! You go boy! Here's to a quick and pain free recovery. Please promise you will treat yourself to some really cool piece of clothing that will show of your manly torso. I assume the fight club reference is because you have to scrub yourself down with the lovely anti-infection soap prior to surgery? Either that you your going to start posting pictures of yourself in boxers and a pair of gloves?


Ouch! Get some good drugs and lots of rest. Best wishes!


Good Luck! Hope it all goes well and your recovery is speedy and not too inconvenient. :-)

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