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February 15, 2007



eek !

A "semi-homemade cocktail"? Pour a bought cocktail over ice and add blueberries? What's the homemade part? The pouring?

Give her up for Lent, Sean.


Oh that made me sad inside even Racheal Ray is better than that.


she is so shiteous! i really love the way she tosses back the wig just like cher every 2 seconds. WaiT! was that cher? was that cher pretending to be sandra lee?


What a shame there is no semihomemade meringue (how do you spell that..) in a spraybottle. It would be so much easier to cook ;-}

CC Mary

What the hell is an aquoreum? Would anyone really eat that stuff? Gross.


I kind of like her - I mean, the fact that she dressed up as Cher counts for something... though a bit white trash to be sure.


She makes my brain hurt. How can you even stand to watch her at all?


She makes my brain hurt. How can you even stand to watch her at all?


I wish I had a local aqwurrium. Thanks for the great clips and the morning guffaw. May face is wet from laughing.

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