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March 14, 2007



ooh, seany, i've been laughing at the "you'r so boring" and 'no more sewing by hand' bits.

love you, darling.
jimmy jones aka lamiathia


Sean, I thought of Aunt Ann on this day. Its a great way to spend a the day. I'm glad that you are able to think of good memories to enjoy your mom on those special days. Love you Sean.


Oh dear. I remember when my mother tried to get me into sewing. I wish she had tried harder, I can't do it worth a damn now.


Oh I recall my Baba at her machine which could be operated via electricity or a foot pedal and weighed a ton. I've always wanted to learn to sew but was always to busy playing with wood and bricks in the garage.


You all joke - but some of the hippest new stuff out there is all appliqued... it's going to be the next big thing at the gap once this silk screen craze is done, mark my words!

Great post Sean - I think all of us gays (and some not gays) shed a little tear remembering our moms at their sewing machines... My mom just finished sewing new stuff for my room at home. Can't wait to see it!

CC Mary

What a wonderful story! I wish my son would sew. I tried to teach him to knit, and after about 30 seconds, he handed the needles to me saying, "You gotta be kidding. And don't tell anyone I tried."
CC Mary


Damn man, why'd you have to go and do that. I'm going to have to close my office door and call my mom today. She bought me my first sewing machine! (nobody talks about it to this day)

That also reminds me that I STILL need to whip up a curtain for my bathroom!!! I'm sensing another busy weekend!

Dave Daniels

Oh, Poodle, new skirts would be devine!
Or are we calling them "kilts" this season? I can never keep that straight.
Did you lose your seing mojo when your mom passed? I began my sewing career at 8 years old, making my own magician's cape with secret pockets inside. NO ONE could know how it was made for fear of revealing my secret. My grandparents were influential in my sewing, and I guess I've sort of stopped, too, since they both passed two years ago. Hmmm...time to get to the machine to rebond over the weekend.


And piping? You've just gotta have piping to go with the applique.

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