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April 05, 2007



Ugh! The memories. It was pretty cool and freaky, though, when my sister not only keeled over from the incense, but had a seizure, too.


Ha Roman Catholic weakness! We stood for three hours Thursday and Friday and attended the all night vigil Friday night. The name of the vigil is descriptive. Just sayin... :)

CC Mary

Have a wonderful weekend! My husband and I are the pagans, and our "poor heathen son"(according to Mum) but we're having dinner at a restaurant that used to be a church. Catholic to boot! Does that count for something?
CC Mary


Harlot! Pagan!

I also hated Easter Services - why do they have to be so freaking long! I mean, at least on Palm Sunday I had a palm frond to bend and twist for an hour.. jeez...

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