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April 25, 2007



I've been there most of my life. Until i accepted I could not eat carbs and be healthy. And NO I do not stuff my face with fat either. I eat laods of veggies. I eat protein. End of. I lost 100lbs and have kept it off for 3 years now.
I am NOT on a diet - I just accept my problem and am grateful I found the solution and stopped making excuses(like how could I live without bread? ;-) )

I also recently gave up smoking, very scary, but my weight is going down, not up, and my eating is still healthy.


Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. Get your eating in line with your health goals.

It's really worth it to get help from a good trainer who can write a program to fit your ability and your goals. Long slow cardio is not necessarily the best thing for fat loss; research is strongly suggesting that interval training is better. Multi-joint weight-training exercises do more for fat loss and building overall strength, muscle mass and coordination than single joint exercises do.

It's already been said here, but it is worth repeating. Within reason, how you look and how you feel in your body is more important than how much you weigh.


Forget the scale and grab the measuring tape. There's nothing like pulling it tight to get an optimistic waist measurement.

CC Mary

Like Paul says, you've lost fat and gained muscle. The weight is just a number - go by your clothing size. And, for what it's worth, I think you look handsome and healthy and happy.

CC Mary


Someone already said it, muscle weighs more than fat. You may weigh the same, but you are much healthier.


Paul's right - I was kind of pissed off when I started going to yoga and after two years, didn't weigh 95 pounds. But I look good and feel good most days... that's what really counts.

Besides - we've all go these issues. I've got crappy teeth - I mean I use special toothpaste, spend like 20 minutes a day caring for them - and I just broke another filling on Monday night. It is what it is - we deal with it so we can enjoy what makes like good...

Hang in there cassanova...


Dude - muscle weighs more than fat. Don't worry about the numbers, concentrate on how you look and feel. That's the important part. You stunning hunk-o-man, you!

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