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July 05, 2007



No- you don't like her. You watch for the same reasons I watch. Amazement at her level of tackiness. Kind of like passing by a car accident and can't help but to rubber neck.
Sandy needs a gay friend to help level her out.


Aunt Sandy Rocks! and I do love a well executed tablescape..... i h8 her.

CC Mary

Love your commentary! How in the world did she get her own show?! Someone, somewhere, must think it's great. I watch her when I'm in the mood to be irked.


Mmmmm trailer cooking. Gross woman with her ketchup.


I found out recently that my mother really likes her show. I figure I do a lot of "semi-homemade" on my own and don't need Sandy to tell me how to do it. I would never consider doing that to squash soup, though.


Soup with ketchup -- double yum!!

If you find her so distasteful, why do you watch her? Way down deep, you must really, really LIKE her. Otherwise, methinks thou dost protest too much.

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