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September 05, 2007



I agree with Mel. Sometimes I find myself craving a burger - but in the end, it's the LTM, Pickles, Cheese, and Ketchup/Mustard/Relish that I find more appealing than the beast.


I recently got myself a scale with a body fat analyzer. I cannot express my horror.


Maybe you should just go to your appointment sans pants.

Oh, and what Michael said. Except that being veg has never done as much for my weight as limiting carbs. After 14+ years, though, the thought of eating cow is about as appealing as eating, say, border terrier.


So, I guess it should be me that reminds you that Porky is indeed a pig - and most pigs don't wear any clothing. Progress!

Those black pumps are his hooves by the way..

You should think about going veg, or at least cutting down on meat - it helps me keep my pounds down and research shows that the less meat you eat, the more you're supporting the environment. (Truly - look it up - meat eaters contribute more towards destroying the environment than a SUV - all the energy involved in transporting, keeping it cool, etc etc - it adds up!).

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