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October 05, 2007



Thanks for reminding me about those books. I don't remember much about them, but I do remember enjoying them.


Easily one of the seminal books of my child hood. I can still remember the opening poem. And the Pyrdain books though I forget the authors name. I belie3ve one was titled "The Black Cauldron". I was given a copy of "Greenwitch " in 2nd grade. I really need to go get the hard cover of each.


Haven't commented in a long, long time. But two--no three things. Four. I'll check with Liam about the movie and the book. Second, the photo looks awefully Bretagne-esque. Dorothea and I went to St. Kate's on Friday to a recital of Atlantic Flute music. The performer is a librarian there. Before the performance, she had a slide show of photos of Novia Scotia, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. Hmmm. All looks pretty similar. Thirdly, our local Home Video store is now defunct. Would you ever do something like order the movie Sweatland from Netflix so that Dorothea and I could watch it? And, I need of course to return your French CDs. Perhaps I can be together enough to do that on Friday.


Thanks! My 12-year-old is suffering a bit of Potter withdrawal.

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