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October 04, 2007



Ooo.... I love vampires too! Although you did forget to mention my favorite of all time... Anne Rice. Interview with the Vampire was amazing!
Though Queen of the Damn was an atrocity to the book!


Ah, BTVS. Now really, Joss Whedon should make a movie. Spike on the big screen!

Did you see the Buffy Sing Along this summer?


You're right on target. Love vampires, love Christopher Lee. Another cheesy favorite is Count Yorga. I gave up on Moonlight, with the prologue, and then they lifted the "it's about a girl" line straight from the opening episode of Angel.

Curious if you've checked out the Lair on Here - think Gay Dark Shadows, complete to the bad writing.


"...somehow the combination of the undead and automatic weapons has never quite worked for me."

Me neither, but Ryan Reynolds shirtless can offset a lot of gunplay for me.

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