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November 07, 2007



I hear you. When I started lifting again in September, I had a few workouts where I could not perform simple ambulatory tasks, like lifting my arms above me head. The nice thing is that it's never going to be <> bad again, until the next time you fall of the wagon and go too many months without it. . .


So I've got an idea. Have you seen the 100 miles in 3 months challenge on some of the knitting blogs. Basically, everyone commits to run/jog 100 miles in 3 months and posts their progress on their blogs.

I say we create a challenge of our own. We already do the cardio but won't commit to the core work, right? 4,500 crunches in three months, that's approximately 50 sit-ups a day for three months (I'm not getting up for the calculator, we can do the math properly later on if it's wrong). Maybe less if you're not really supposed to do ab work everyday. Who knows?

Who's in?


I can flutter-kick with the best of them!


I really think my trainer likes it when I tell him I hate him for makeing me o more cardio. Have you had the joy of working with a Roman chair (I think that's what it's called) I once went to bed one night with icy hot patches on my stomach!

But think about how much better you'll feel when your clothes are too big.

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