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November 09, 2007



Congratulations Sean... I'm so happy for the two of you. Ten years seems impossible these days and you did it! I love the idea of the rings... you have every right to show off the fact that you are loved and spoken for. :-)

Tonight was your big night out, I hope all went well and you two had a wonderful time. And to Darren, Welcome to the family! (although I already considered him that) hahaa..


Many more years of joy are sure to follow. Congratulations!


Most excellent. Congratulations!


I think that's fantastic! We're not much for jewelry, either, and I'll have to take my ring off at work for surgeries, but David and I both felt it was important to have them for our wedding.

And what do you mean when you say Hudson *thinks* he owns the two of you? :-)

CC Mary

Ooohh...that's so wonderful! Congrats to you both. I wish you many more happy years together!

CC Mary


Congrats! Have a martini at the fancy-dancy restaurant for me!


Congratulations on a landmark anniversary!


Congratulations. Of course you could slip up north of the 49th (into the bush and out of the Bush)and book a Justice of the Peace.

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