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January 17, 2008



Sorry you've been feeling so horrible!! I've heard scientology can cure what ails you...they just want to HELP.


i think the gays suffer from an unfair proportion of the world's migraines. I think it's because of all our suffering at the hands of a breast-focused society.

but thank you for passing your migraine on to me today. i appreciate it so much.


I dunno - for me - I find that massaging my neck muscles helps ease my migraines... hot showers, compresses, massages - anything to get the blood flowing back to the brain..


From one sufferer to another - I feel your pain!

CC Mary

I stayed home from work yesterday with a mild migraine. Just enough to not be able to see out of my left eye. But I dragged myself to the gym last night to swim for a bit. Which brings me to a question for you. At what age should little boys not be allowed in the women's locker room? This is the third time I've had a Grandma bring a boy in - 7 or 8 years old. Naked women everywhere.

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