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January 10, 2008



I think this is silly. I respect your feelings but this is just a guy being a guy in an all male environment. I was at my gym in the all male adult locker room when I went to get into the whirlpool. I hung up my towel and started for the stairs when the guy sitting in the tub said/yelled "you have to wear a suit in here!" (in my defense i am 22 5'11 160lbs lean. Not too terrible looking) my response "why?" he then proceeded " what the fuck do you mean why" he then got angry and got out of the tub. I'm guessing this guy had some serious identity issues. It's not like I made a pass of any kind at him or let alone even looked At him up until he started whining about my nudity in the all male adult only locker room. It's hilarious guys like this are so afraid and don't know how to handle it. It is these exact reasons today's youth is so scared about being nude around one another. They have become extremely self conscious.


It certainly got my 'knob' of approval.


nice story! =))


My highschool swim coach would pose naked in front of the full length mirror in the locker room.
The whole room would spin as I nearly passed out from my raging teenage hormones.


I love this post although you left out the best part. What kind of underwear was he wearing? :-)


Maybe he wanted you to notice.

I'm a bit less hung up on it, but when I lived in Pittsburgh and worked out with the old Jewish men, it was a bit creepy to watch them doing the same, sometimes putting one foot up on the bench. Presumably so their very saggy junk could get more air.

At the current gym, the ones who seem to be unperturbed are generally the ones I have no interest in seeing nude, and since I don't know any of them, there's no chit-chat.

CC Mary

Thank God my ladies locker room has individual shower stalls. There are a couple of women who, every morning, spend as much time as possible naked. Shower, walk around, sit at the mirrored counter to put on makeup and blow dry. I have a hard time talking to them. Just dry off and get dressed first, for cryin'out loud!


I dunno, WG, if you weren't in a long term monogamous relationship, I'd take that interaction as an invitation. I mean, why show off the goods if they're not there for sampling...


I used to be the same way. It's a matter of practice and, well, exposure. You have to start small and quick and work your way up to extended periods. I think being able to be comfortable with yourself is a lot healthier than that prissy "towel dance" that a lot of people do nowadays. And I'm getting really good at doing the times tables in my head.


you are a case. . .

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