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March 05, 2008



Is this your first iPod experience? I LOVE mine and use it every single day, for better or worse. I listen on the ways to and from work, sometimes on my lunch break, and often at home during the evening. However, I am a music junkie, so maybe that's just me!


I'm still laughing about the you-know-what exam. oh my...


Well, good for you WG - I always love going to the dentist, expecting I have to get 12 root canals and have her tell me, "No, your'e fine." :)

You should still think about going veg... and trying some yoga instead of working out. Yoga is great for the mind and body.

What's the phrase on your ipod?


Oh that little contraption is tempting. I'll probably put it on my wishlist.


To which you-know-what do you refer? There are a couple that are somewhat awkward - one more so than the other.

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