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March 04, 2008



Is iron will what it's called? Some would call it insanity; others, idiocy. I appreciate your wink.

Don't be so hard on yourself, WG. Allow yourself a cookie at work, but try stopping after one. And if you choose a nutritional plan, keep blogging about it. Posting about "The Biggest Loser" keeps me accountable; otherwise, my iron will would only go so far.


I feel your pain. Between Christmas and b-day, I have put on some of the weight that I worked pretty hard to lose last summer. "Luckily," the partying is over and the weather is getting nice enough that I can go for my morning run again without coming back home as a Pat-cicle.


WG, you should rethink again, going veg. I mean, I'm certainly not the fittest gay on the block, but I think I'd be a lot heftier if I ate meat. There are all kinds of things you can eat in place of meat - boca, tofu, tvp and more - and fortunately, a lot of the veg recipes out there are tailored towards eating foods that are uber good for you - like brown rice, garlic, and so on. Give it a try for a month - it might be really good.

Representing the vegetarian liberation front...


Today will be tomorrows history.......you'll get through this. :)

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