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April 22, 2008


Warrior Knitter

Can you knit while you're on the elliptical. I knit on the treadmill; small, simple stuff, like a ribbed sock. I don't walk as fast but I walk longer. And a good podcast or good music helps, too. Good luck. Hope you get your gym mojo back soon.


Train for the marathon with me?


Any group fitness classes of interest to you? A good instructor in one of those classes is pretty motivating.


Do you use the walking trails at work? I always enjoyed going for a walk over lunch when I worked there, and all it involved was a change of shoes. And you didn't have to return to work all sweaty and yucky. [Is that photo club still active and does the club still publish that cheap-looking "nature" calendar?] Maybe you could grab iPhone Guy and go for a walk...

CC Mary

A really good trainer would do you a world of good.


Do they at least have a steam room or sauna? That's what makes a gym really worth going to.

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