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May 22, 2008



You can handle it.


The jury has spoken. I'll watch the movie tonight. With a strong Caipirinha in hand...


Um, I can't really help you out here. When I was a kid, Lost in Space scared the crud outta me!


It's worth being scared, it's a great film! If it makes you feel any better I wouldn't take a bath for a month after I saw Jaws.

I was 9 but to this day if the water gets a little murky and the soap touches me the wrong way, I get that same chill down my spine! I can hear the music now Clarisse, wait I'm mixing scary movies. See it, it's really great!


stop being such a girl and watch the damn movie! if you don't like it shut it off! geesh!


As a kid, I was scared to watch The Waltons. As a grownup, I'm scared to watch almost anything. But I somehow made it through No Country, and didn't even avert my eyes. Too often. Watch it. You can do it. Have knitting on your lap so that you can busy yourself with something when it gets to be too much.

CC Mary

I really liked "No Country for Old Men"; my husband thought it was so-so. I thought it was cleverly done. It's fairly brutal, but not like you can't look. Go see it!


You just solved my problem - I'm afraid to see it too! I hadn't thought to read the book first though. I'll read the book then watch the movie. C'mon - you can do it.

As for 'The Road' - loved it! In that way I loved 'The Beach' by Neville Schute. You know you have to plow through it because it's meant for you to plow through. I adored the father/son relationship. In the end, you were left with a teensy glimpse of hope. But just that - a teensy glimpse. As the reader, you have to determine for yourself what to do with that glimpse.

OK - off to Target to get No Country.....


I'm afraid I can't help you. I've been kind of afraid to see it, too.


Watch it. If you've read the book, watch it. But don't expect it to be a typical Coen brothers movie. It is a Coen brothers movie, but if you're expecting the hilarity of Fargo or O Brother, you'll be disappointed. But having read the book, you know it's not a comedy fest.

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