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June 12, 2008



I just had a 5-minute egg this morning in Switzerland! Nothing beats the soft-boiled. Nothing.


I want to see that $60 gadget in person the next time we come through. Or you can bring it to Atlanta on your next visit, Cecil.


I love soft boiled eggs. Once upon a time, when I was a little girl, my dad would make them for me. He called them "eggie, like cup, like daddy." I suspect that's what I called them. It was served in a coffee cup with pieces af bread, a little butter and salt. Oh, the memories you have sent flodding back this morning. I'll have to ask my dad out for breakfast soon.


If you are fond of soft boiled eggs and gadgets you should check out an egg cooker! My family and I are big fans of soft boiled eggs and all their trappings (egg cups and cozies) so we each have acquired one of these doodads--they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. I particularly like the models that will also poach an egg since I am also a fan of eggs benedict. Here are just a few examples from google -- http://preview.tinyurl.com/4838ch


Is the title a quote from, A ROOM WITH A VIEW?


I looooooooooove soft-boiled eggs. The yolk tastes like nothing else. Oh. Yum. Must go cook an egg.


Google ist mein Freund:



Sorry, not even a guess at the title. So, I'm "assuming" you have tried the new gadgets and they work? In all truthfulness, I have never had a soft boiled egg, but do like my "over easy's"......those are weekend fare for me, with Don getting his usual omelet. I LOVE the runny yolk on top of my peanut butter toast. :)

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