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June 20, 2008



Um, I had to graft the toe of my wedding kilt hose yesterday, just hours before the event. From memory.

But then I've done it a few times.


I bought a skien (sp?) of hand-spun Aran Isle wool. My mom says she doesn't really knit anymore. Would you like the wool and a handy pattern book?


Can't take the stress...the worry...omg...must drink more caipirinhas to cope...


So.....the Kitchener's Stitch is not a favorite, eh? :) The sock pattern I use, takes the toe decrease down to 12 stitches...sometimes looks too pointed. Perhaps I'll try it at 20 next time.
Speaking of socks.....I began spinning fiber about a month ago. My goal is to spin and dye my own sock yarns. Things are looking more consistently thin each time I spin. Maybe I'll have some soon to experiment with. :)

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