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June 26, 2008


scott r

Ooh ooh ooh! Pick me! I know the answer to tomorrow's post!!

And if you don't tell the whole truth, others might.


You need to do what I do: buy bubble machines. Meet friends in the morning at some pub along the parade route. Drink beer and eat unhealthy appetizers until the parade starts. Go out, fire up the bubble machines, and cheer the passers-by.

It is better to be a good audience for the parade than to be in the parade.

While everyone is at the festival, go home, shower, and have a nap.


Perhaps you're not a curmudgeon; perhaps you're simply more evolved, evolved to the point where being gay is like being hetero. It simply is. I don't need a hetero festival, and you don't need a gay festival.

That said, I volunteered at the Mother Bear Project booth at Pride a year or two ago, and I got some very tasty buffalo shrimp at one of the vendors. Overly expensive of course, but pretty yummy. And I've never seen so many darling canines in my life.

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