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July 01, 2008



You write very well.

Ron H.

Would help if you knew Danny was Mexican...makes his comment a little more contextual.

Ron H.

Speaking of Ms. Lee...she's at it again. I watched her "Mexican Fiesta" show where she removed the seeds from canned jalapeno peppers and then whined about how hot the peppers were. Hint: don't use bloody jalapenos!! Danny (my aforementioned honey) rolled his eyes and called her a "cracker." True that. It's not just our neighbors to the south that she offends with her Sam's Club ways. Oh no! She did a "Japanese buffet" episode where her wretched tablescape included oversized fortune cookie shaped place cards (the person's name was written on the large paper fortune sticking out of the cookie). Last time I checked, fortune cookies are served here in CHINESE restaurants, not Japanese. Oh well, Chinese, Japanese...they're all the same in Sandy's round eyes.

Ron H.

Howdy Sean! I tore myself away from Sandy Lee long enough to post a comment. Beth told me to check out your post about Pride. Honestly, I couldn't agree more. My honey is going to Stanford for a year to get his second masters degree and national teaching cert so I've been up in Palo Alto with him for the past few weeks helping him move and get settled in. We decided to venture up to San Francisco this past weekend and check out the Pride festivities. What a crashing bore. We were alternately disappointed and disgusted. So, we beat feet and headed to other parts of the city and made up our own (better) day of activities. I don't begrudge anyone their fun but, for me, mega Pride fests are just something that always leave me feeling hollow and bored.


I'm with you buddy!

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