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July 09, 2008



Nice review. He's to be here Monday night and I'd like to go but on a week/work night I'm not sure I will. I checked and there are still tickets available. Did you take these pictures? They are great and again great review.


Tee-hee, that's funny that "Careless Whisper" was the backdrop for your heterosexual memories. It was the soundtrack to my very first slow dance. It wasn't exactly a romantic moment--I was at a junior high dance, and several in my group had paired off for slow dances, leaving Aiyana and I standing alone. She sighed deeply and said, "I guess we should dance--everyone else is." We then had three awkward, sweaty minutes of barely touching while avoiding eye contact. I remember that with slightly more fondness than I do my very drunken karaoke rendition of "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go." (Averts eyes in shame)

I noticed his inability to hit the high notes pretty quickly, too, but it didn't bother me. I thought that he did a good job of rearranging the songs to avoid those notes.

Also, not to get too geeky, but I think that "Hard Day" WAS released as a single. I'm not inclined to look it up right now, but I believe it was released as a 12". It was a big hit in clubs and on R&B stations at the same time that the "Faith" single was dominating Top 40 radio. Given that history, I was amused that, in concert, George introduced "Hard Day" by mentioning that his radio profile in the US was different than in Europe, so they had added that song for the US tour. A little ironic, given the overwhelming whiteness of the audience (who nonetheless all knew the song from their well-worn "Faith" cassettes).


I'm completely jealous. I *SO* wanted to go!! Did he really sing "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go"? And other than being from Chanhassen (which is SO NOT Chaska), I don't come anywhere colse to your description of the "ladies" sitting near you - nor would I have treated "His George-ness" in such a manner!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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