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July 08, 2008



Looks like a great time. Especially if you had semens mouth. Was it just you two on the voyage?
Great pics!


Two summers ago I went on a paddleboat cruise on the Mississippi from St. Louis to St. Paul. The Mississippi is absolutely gorgeous, and LaCrosse was one of the places we docked at and were able to explore for a few hours. It's a lovely place - my favorite stop during the trip. (Oh, and I was a good son and was on the cruise with my mother. I was the youngest one on the "Mississippi Queen" - the entire boat was groups of retirees from all over the country. I know I have a lawn chair at the right hand of God for THAT little excursion.... LOL!)


I used to jump off that railroad bridge! Usually off from the top of the operating shed, but a few times from the very top!

We would dare each other to do it, often with a bribe of buying a DQ Ultimate Burger at the Onalaska DQ.


So Darren is from WI! I moved to Madison, WI, to be with my partner, Don, after I retired. He was a transplant, too, but has been here long enough to be called a "local" by most anyone's standard. :)

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