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July 23, 2008



Is there a light on the heel that blinks or flashes with each step?

Good for you.

CC Mary

Yea, pretty ugly. But they look really comfortable. Bike shorts and a tank top would finish the look nicely.

CC Mary


You go! I'll gladly contribute. One of my closest friends had ovarian cancer--hers is one of the all-too-rare happy endings with that disease.

scott r

As particular as I am about how things look, I don't even glance at the color or style of running shoes any more. I try on everything in my size that might be good on my foot, and choose the most comfortable. You've done exactly right. And yes, they are so hideous that I had to block the picture with my hand as I was reading your post. Please don't choose an outfit that matches the shoes.


I went in the exact opposite direction and opted for no support for my overpronation, in large part because I worry that too much support keeps me from developing the musculature to correct it and support myself. Of course, I had a really good yoga instructor back in the day who taught me to be very aware of the pronation, so I'm fairly good at correcting it as I move anyway. I'm hoping this will spare me from going down the same road as my grandfather and my mother, who have both broken their ankles because of severe overpronation.

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