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July 18, 2008


scott r

Fargo. I'm not kidding.
Fabulous boutique hotel downtown. A few great restaurants. An easy drive and weekend away.


a wee bit of camping, that is (stupid trackpad).


I vote Madison, too! Actually, I'd personally be all for the BWCA, but that'd entail just a wee bi


Hey, I'm at Knitting Camp next weekend - it's in Marshfield - about 2 hours from Minneapolis. Come visit me for dinner, on your way to Madison. :)


What about going southeast? Try Lanesboro. Couple hour drive, gorgeous scenery, lovely B&Bs, charming restaurants, places to walk/hike/bike/canoe...very romantic, and better still, very restful.

Milwaukee is 2 hours from Chicago, so just come to Chicago. Lots of places to eat out, lots of neighborhoods to explore, and it's a beautiful city. Just my thoughts. Yet, I do like Milwaukee as well.


If you decide to stay home, skip Fletchers and try Lola's Lakehouse (www.lolaslakehouse.com 952.442.4954)in Waconia instead. It's owned by the same guy that opened Jake O'Connor's Irish Pub in Excelsior (also a great place). completely re-did Nancy's Landing and it's nice place to sit by the lake and have a great meal. It's sort of Cape Cod-ish. My $0.02 worth.


Visiting Madison, IS, of course, my suggestion, since it is where we live, and we do enjoy our city......especially sitting on the Union Terrace, drinking beer and enjoying the "scenery".
Another possibility might be to check into houseboats on the Mississippi River?

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