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September 04, 2008



Yes, Donna Summer is great in concert. Paul and I went to see her at Pier Six in Baltimore when she was here in July. Her granddaughters took the stage with her for one song. (Her daughter married someone local to Baltimore. It turns out that her daughter's family doesn't live too far away from us. I have warned Paul not to stalk them.)

And I heard the same thing as Amy, she doesn't do "Love to Love You" in concerts since becoming more religious. Evidently having orgasms on stage is frowned upon. Who knew?


I read somewhere that she won't do Love to Love You Baby since she got religion.


Now no one flame our pal Tricky. He's making an inside joke.

He loves this post as much as the rest of you...


This post is lame. *snicker*

CC Mary

Poor guy! At least all was not lost.

I saw Donna Summer in the mid-80s. I thought it would be great, but she sang almost all gospel music! And none of her hits! It must have been a phase...


I've been enjoying your Trilogy very much......fortunately, we have not been surrounded by McCain supporters while on our vacation, up here in Traverse City, MI, although, we have seen a few (VERY few) signs supporting him.
We've rented a house for the week and are only 2 blocks from West Bay and the bike path, but everything is easily gotten to here in TC, regardless of what mode of travel one chooses.
Again, always good to read about your adventures....hope your "tummy issues' are resolved.

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