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January 27, 2009


Jeff Fredriksen

Our beach house is always open for you! Well its kind of by the beach anyway. Stay Warm, only a couple of months to go!


I have seen some knitters next to the resort pool when we are relaxing on the beautiful island of Kauai, which is a small island and usually visited by young families and older folk. (not that I'm saying your old) It has the quiet and relaxing atmosphere without the crazies! reading is always a reliable activity, but my favorite is people watching!


Only -3? It's warmed up.

I recommend looking for something on a small island that's not heavily trafficked. Then there are fewer crowds and less of a reason to feel self-conscious.


Whenever it is cold down here in Louisiana, I end up way sleeping longer than usual and rarely want to get out the house too. I don't see how you do it up there being below zero. Brrr...

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