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January 15, 2009



I'm late in my vote but I would go for Josh, then Paul... and Ashton is cool as well.... but the walker doo suits you well. Good choice!


D: I have missed the deadline, but um, thanks for the pretty pictures. Can't wait to see what you chose!


I think that if you went with the footie cut, people would actually expect you to know more about the game than that Beckham is a hottie and the players generally have fantastic legs. Speaking of Becks, though, you didn't mention any options from his vast collection of hairstyles.


I like Josh Duhumel's short version with Paul Walker coming in a very close second. Either way you'll look great.


I suppose, if you can't find a tennis ball style, then I would go with Paul Wlaker as well. Ricky Martin's looks a bit dated, and I don't think you'd like the messiness of the others.

CC Mary

I vote for Paul Walker first, Ashton second. But they're all pretty nice and would suit you.

CC Mary

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