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February 26, 2009



Don't beat yourself up about it WG - it's easy at this time of year to be a little up (I'm a little up myself). We get the craving for heavy fat sweet things when the winter gets here - blame it on mother nature. One thing I've been doing lately that's been helping (at both ends, really) is two tablespoons of flaxseed mixed in with my morning juice. It seems to keep me fuller, longer...

Maybe it's time to start parking the car further away from the office door?


Um, I meant of the personal trainer. So sorry.


Realizing that a lot of my eating is compulsive behavior (a lot easier to say it than do it!) I followed QueerJoe's lead and ordered the hypnosis CD & book thing he just mentioned on his blog. I figured it was inexpensive and I had an Amazon gift certificate, so there was nothing to lose. Besides, I'd been contemplating hypnotherapy as an option, especially since I haven't seemed to be winning the conscious internal argument.


This post would be better with a photograph.

CC Mary

I hear ya. My trainer used to compete in bodybuilding. He has, however, helped me lose 52 lbs. over the last 7 months. His very expensive advice - "Stop eating and move your ass!"

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