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April 09, 2009



I did think about the carrot thing, too. Mmmmm, carrots...

Jeph Remley

Oh! Back when I was trying to hit the treadmills at the gym (gee, I should look into that again), I would call guys like that "carrots". I could never seem to catch up to them, no matter how fast I was going, or their mode of transportation (sometimes they were on a bicycle in front of me, sometimes a treadmill - depends on which treadmill I was on). It helped that they also never got any further away, so even if I was feeling tired and had to slow down, at least the carrot was out there right in front of my, luring me on! Just another quarter mile. Just another minute. One more...

Oops, the guy got up and left. Ok, wrap up this minute/mile and time to pack it up and head out!



I did give some thought to the perils of focus more on his butt and calves than on my stride, but sometimes you just have to live dangerously.


Be very careful traveling in those fantasy worlds. You're inspiration for me. I just sprained my ankle very badly as I stepped on a tree root while walking my dogs. I went to the doctor and he said it would help if I lost some weight. What about now doctor? Wear this big ass boot and keep your activity to a minimum. I was and look what it got me. Maybe I'll get in some routine soon. God luck to you.

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