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June 30, 2009



Sorry the weather didn't cooperate. But I can tell you were staying at one of my favorite Boston hotels! If you go back, you can Hotwire it and you can tell by its class and location that that's the hotel.


Now, if that German guy would do some videos on Sharepoint me and the rest of the interns would be very, very happy. ;)

P.S. it's giving me the "we cannot accept this data" error when I hit post directly instead of previewing it.

Jeph Remley

SO glad I'm not the only one who sneaks pics of people! ;-)


Don't think of it as being a pervy stalker, just think of it as Kinnearing (check the yarnharlot for a definition)


You're totally a stalker, but I'll be your sidekick when you stalk anytime.


Mmmm, what's the tall drink (besides the German)? I need a summer drink.

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