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January 14, 2010



Ugh--I have a blog post coming. The trip is cancelled. I fell on icy sidewalk last Saturday and broke my leg. So bummed! 

~ iPhone ~

Raul Rodriguez

Wish you the best and most enjoyable...stay away from those Margaritas...on second thought, have as many as you want and when you are sitting out in the terrace sipping one of them, please raise your glass and say: "this one toast is for you raulito"


Hope you have a grand time on your vacation. If you could, please bring some of the warmer weather with you when you return.


If I can just get past the taking-off-my-shirt part, I should be fine. 

~ iPhone ~


Yay for you two! Enjoy the warm temps and swim-up bars and may there be plentiful eye candy for the two of you to admire :)

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