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April 29, 2010



Oh, who are you kidding? If it is not sin or fattening it ain't fun...lol


Glad to hear that you finally got out and started to have some fun after your mishap...but, what you guys did in Vegas...did it stay in Vegas? lol


I'm with you. I don't want to go on vacation to see a bunch of boobs, either. Glad you guys had a great vacation in Vegas!


I much preferred Aladdin's old Arabian Nights sort of theme, even though that was a but cheesy.


Welcome back! I'm sure there are many, many people who would agree (and yes, I am one, too) about some of Vegas being a little too "breasty"......and not all of them are gay! ;) Not too sure that I'm happy about being in "THAT" company, though.....


Darrin and I...and a sweet boy? Do tell!

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