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August 30, 2011



Big Hug and quick recovery!


I share the same date...my mom died 46 years ago...My best to you. <3


I had such a long day today that I managed not to think about the date for a while. Seven years is a long time. She has missed so much. Some things I wish she had been here for, and some I am glad she didn't have to see. I will see you Friday afternoon, and I will bring all the fixings to make you some yummy food.


Hugs to you while missing your Mom and wishing for her words of solace. And good luck tomorrow. Sending healing thoughts your way for a quick recovery. That invite to Atlanta is still open!


Sending best wishes for a quick and easy surgery and looking forward to reading a post event (either under the influence or not) entry. ;)
Hang in there! Wish i were closer to help you out. :)

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