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November 29, 2011



Your home is lovely and you know what? Sometimes "going through the motions" helps you get to a place where you can really feel it. The one true thing about grieving a loss is that you have to go there to get there - and you seem to be well on your way.

I hope you find some comfort in your rituals and celebrations.

Mary P.

You and me both.
It's so hard - you have to wallow in it, embrace it, and cry. No getting past it IMO. Part of the process. I'm just over a hump myself - I woke up one morning and at lunch I realized I hadn't thought about HIM once and I didn't miss him. Last night he called and I DIDN'T CALL HIM BACK! Usually I'd feel flattered that he called (maybe he changed his mind!)and I'd drop everything to talk. Now, I'm embarrassed I was like that.

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