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April 29, 2014


Sean Dilley

Thank you for your kind comments. Terry touched so many lives.

Dinah Vincent

I am a first cousin-once-removed ( my Dad, Erv Mannerud was Marion Dilley's first cousin), and I remember T"s parents when they were so young and beautiful and their home was filled with laughter. T was just graduating from high school and going off to college when his dad died so very young. I only saw T a few times after that, as life took us in different directions, but I feel sure that he brought depth of thought, compassion, wisdom, and cheerfulness to all he encountered in his life. May you all pass it on! I am also married to an Emeritus Professor who is 73. Dinah Mannerud Vincent

Joe-in Wyoming

So sorry that your dad is gone. How wonderful, though, that you have memories of many happy times to help console you. Take care.


Sean,iamsorry for your loss. Your love for your father shows through. And I have a feeling that he was a huge influence on you. You will miss him, but you can cherish your memories and remember that those memories will stay with you. I am sure you will find comfort knowing he lives within your heart.

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