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October 29, 2006



Another of Sandra's quirks is her repetitive use of the word "pop", as in "I'm going to just POP this ONTO the plate"!

She also is redundant in many of her phrases. For example, "I'm going to just stir this all together". I thought the word "stir" meant to combine. Why does she need to add the "all together"? I've noticed others on the cooking shows do this as well. It's as if they're writing a high school paper, and it must be 1000 words!


LOL! How about the Cher costume (complete with wig) in a recent Halloween-themed episode? Totally not appropriate for cooking.
Gimme Paula Deen any day. Sandra scares me.


Lmfao!!! you ARE hilarious:0)


Oh my God, I have never even seen this show, as we don't have cable, but I was laughing my ass off reading your descriptions of the show and its host. Now I'm dying TO see it just so I can join IN the mockery


man I have trouble posting on blogs! ..maybe you can't click "Back"??? I always seem to erase my post.

Anyway, that hussy is fantstic! I had written how I'd shack-up with her skinny, lazy eyes butt...but I'm holding out for Matha or Stephanie Seymore. Either of those ladies would be fine (I'd rather have Martha; think about that breakfast in bed).

And yes, I just got out my knit-stitch-bible and started the basic math. I have SERIOUS problems with basic-math and you can't immagine how hard it's been for me. All you have to do is count up to 6; not hard right? Yeah, for me that's proving to be tough!


The "fantastic" thing drives me loopy as well.

Other non-faves include "excellent", "awesome" and "absolutely".

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