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December 04, 2006



It looks wonderful and magical! This year I have decided that I love those trees like you have, tall and with a narrow girth. I'm hoping for a good sale after Christmas.


What a lovely room! Beautiful tree and decorations. I love all the windows - it must be a very bright room. Nice!


Okay, I now feel like such a backwoods dyke. Our tree is going to go on top of the dog's crate, 'cause it won't fit anywhere else. This also means it's going to have to be under 4' tall.


LoOkS fAb! I wish we had a fireplace :-(

Dave Daniels

That's rather fabulous, really! The tree has a nice shape, and just the right amount of decoration. Is your fireplace gas or log? (It doesn't look electric, but don't tell me if it is!)
It's going to make a nice presentation when the guest arrive. Good luck, I know how those open houses go!

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