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July 11, 2007



I believe that with job interviews - like love, family relationships, or celebrity - the person who cares the least has the most power. I think your prediction is accurate - you will be offered the job just when you've decided that you don't want. Sending good thoughts your way - best of luck.


I believe my brother in law works at the aforementioned black hole. Good Luck.


I'd like to suggest you get a copy of "Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters" by Perry Martel. Also check the material on AskThe Headhunter.com. Both emphasize getting a job with a company you want to work for, rather than getting a job.

If it's a company you really, really want to work for, you may need to start showing them that...so you need a different approach to getting your foot in the door. Interviews with HR are not necessarily the way to do it.

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